Past Scholarship Recipients

These students have pursued a variety of degree plans. It is the hope of The Young Family Foundation that these fine young people will, in turn, become contributing assets in their communities.

These students have pursued a variety of degree plans. It is the hope of The Young Family Foundation that these fine young people will, in turn, become contributing assets in their communities.

Peyton Green, Ganado High School

Celeste Ramirez, Ganado High School

Joshua Carrasco, Ganado High School

Maizee Strelec, Louise High School

Bridget Dorotik, El Campo High School

Ella Rod, El Campo High School

Cameryn Webernick, Ganado High School

Joshua Fowler, Ganado High School

Kate Smith, Ganado High School

Savannah Morton, Louise High School

Ana Garrett, Louise High School

Haley Tupa, El Campo High School

Madison Shelton, Ganado High School

Mack Cihal, Ganado High School

Trace Roznovsky, Ganado High School

Avery Lewis, Louise High School

Juan Huerta Montes, Jr., Louise High School

Makensie Till, El Campo High School

Luke Prove, Ganado High School

Molly Janssen, Ganado High School

Monica Hernandez, Ganado High School

Haylee Blumrick, Louise High School

Sheyenne Hendrix, Louise High School

Ryan Williamson, El Campo High School

MacKenzie Skoruppa, Ganado High School

Ty Reid, Ganado High School

Chelsea Rohrman, Ganado High School

Macy Marek, Louise High School

Madison Bartlett, Louise High School

Raegan Galvan, Tidehaven High School

Emily Wilson, El Campo High School

Haylie Hicks, Ganado High School

Janaya Carrasco, Ganado High School

Stephanie Kocian, Ganado High School

Shelbie Hendrix, Louise High School

Sanae Brandes, Louise High School

Malorie Aguilera, Tidehaven High School

Miguel Moreno Largo, El Campo High School

Kyle Peterson, El Campo High School

Michael Garza, Ganado High School

Cameron Lambert, Ganado High School

Norma Gutierrez, Ganado High School

Shelby Koudela, Louise High School

McKenna McCowen, Louise High School

Danielle Bennetsen, Tidehaven High School

Frantiska Powers, El Campo High School

Zona Martin, El Campo High School

Class of 2014
Kennedy Gresham, Ganado High School; Braydan Andel, Ganado High School; Clay Vesely, Ganado High School; Amber Lutringer, Louise High School; Matthew Galvez, Tidehaven High School

Class of 2013
Abby Stanley, Ganado HS; Logan Petrash, Ganado HS; Shelby Luera, Ganado HS; Virginia Puentes, Louise HSEternity Tyree, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2012
Brian Bubela, Ganado HSJulia Foltyn, Ganado HSDerrick Hlavaty, Ganado HSMichelle Holik, Louise HSJimmy Ray Leatherwood, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2011
Caitlin Rowe, Ganado HSKyle Bellamy, Ganado HSEduardo Brito, Ganado HSShelby Kotulek, Louise HSSean Dannels, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2010
Lindsey Carroll, Ganado HSHaylee Gibbs, Ganado HSRafael Martinez, Ganado HSAmber Bain, Louise HS

Class of 2009
Megan Diaz, Ganado HSAshley Staff, Ganado HSMaria Brito, Ganado HSJay Sulak, Louise HSAmber Garcia, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2008
Brooke Andel, Ganado HSKolby Tegeler, Ganado HSMatthew Bazan, Ganado HSAmanda Larsen, Louise HSAnthony Lundquist, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2007
Lauryn Petrash, Ganado HSDonescia Hypolite, Ganado HSKalub Fowler, Ganado HSTroy Sless, Louise HSTiffany Parks, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2006
Zeb Cihal, Ganado HSMallory Staff, Ganado HSElizabeth Girndt, Ganado HSBlake George, Louise HSJonathan Rush, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2005
Brian Andel, Ganado HSAndrew Callis, Ganado HSMatthew Supak, Ganado HSRoxana Menefee, Louise HSKarolena Saha, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2004
Summer Walch, Ganado HSKendra Bures, Ganado HSClayton Chanek, Ganado HSDiana Bridges, Louise HSAmanda Garcia, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2003
Brian DeSpain, Ganado HSNatalie Wenske, Ganado HSJoseph Rosalez, Ganado HSJamie Fritz, Louise HSStephanie Dannels, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2002
Jennifer Staff, Ganado HSBlake Petrash, Ganado HSKimberly Bures, Ganado HSBret Hensley, Ganado HSMelinda Mamerow, Louise HSJennifer Sardelich, Tidehaven HS

Class of 2001
Jennifer Janecek, Ganado HSSephanie Andel, Ganado HSClint Hensley, Ganado HSNatalie Krasucky, Louise HSKurt Sanders, Tidehaven HS

Jorge Martinez, Ganado High School

Sydni Engelmohr, Ganado High School

Caleb Thedford, Ganado High School

Katelynn Popp, Louise High School

Zariah Dodds, Tidehaven High School

Valeria Garcia, Ganado High School

Gunner McCann, Ganado High School

Angela Brito, Ganado High School

RaeAnna Appling, Louise High School

Kayla Grissett, Tidehaven High School

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